Save Preston Bus Station

Support the station by clicking the link below to sign the e-petition, to avoid Preston losing its Icon


"We are very disappointed that Preston will lose a truly Iconic building. The Council claimed that they were voting with their heads and not their hearts due to budget constraints and appealed for people to come forward so the Bus Station did not need to be demolished.

We did!

We provided safeguards against us being in it for a quick “buck” have the skills, resources and asked for no assistance from any tax payer.

We are at a complete loss but will study the detail when we receive it. Our motivation was always to save the Bus Station and we will now be working to see the building listed and thereby saved.”

 We now encourage you to support the campaign to save Preston Bus Station, by signing the e-petition, click the link below and you will be directed to the e-petitions website

Save the Bus Station

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Professional Team

"Preston Bus Station and Car Park is an important component of the City centre. If it did not exist one would need to be built. It is an architectural masterpiece and is included on the list of endangered buildings by the World Monument Fund"
Parker and Company

"As a design practice we have had our HQ in Preston for over 50 years. I suppose we have grown up with the City's famous Bus Station and I truly believe it is a wonder of 1960's ambition and optimism. I think to demolish it would rob Preston and the Country of one of the most distinctive and unique buildings in the UK"
David Robinson, Managing Partner of Frank Whittle Partnership

Behind The Bid.

Rigby LLP

Rigby LLP based in Lancashire provides treasury management control for a wide range of companies including Renewable energy, a country house hotel, multiple properties and a large healthcare organisation with the aim to maximise the groups liquidity and mitigate its operational, financial and reputational risks.

Simon Rigby

Simon comes from a dairy farming family, based close to Lytham on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire. After graduating from Hull University in 1983 with a BSc (Econ), he joined the then Yorkshire Electricity Board, with whom he qualified as a Certified Accountant in 1987. In 1996 he formed Spice plc with 12 employees and one customer, by 2008 Spice turned over 400,000,000, made 40,000,000 and employed 4,500 staff worldwide and entered the FTSE 250. In 2010 Spice was purchased by Cinven and taken private. Simon then formed Greengen Group.

Managing Partner, Rigby LLP

Michael Darch

Michael has a wealth of experience from senior positions with Unilever, BNFL, BAE Systems , more recently, building a 'big ticket' leasing company in the Middle East, raising both equity and asset finance .Sector experience includes manufacturing, forestry, nuclear, aviation, shipping , financial services and renewable energy. Michael has a BSc in Economics and is an FCMA